6 Subtle Ways to Wear Animal Print

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Leopard print, tiger print, zebra print, and snake print. Take your pick! If you haven't yet incorporated the animal print clothing into your wardrobe for some reason, here are 7 subtle ways to wear animal print using accessories.

Animal print is everywhere at the moment and has been for a few seasons now. I get it. It isn't for everyone. Leopard print can give some people shivers as it can remind them of old TV shows or TV/movie stars that you didn't think much of growing up.

Of all the different animal print, the one I love the most is leopard print. The print you'll never see me wear is the snake print. That's because I have a phobia for snakes.

Over the years (way before animal print became a big trend) I have been adding animal print items to my wardrobe - mainly leopard print. So the pictures I've used in this blog are from my own wardrobe and some of the items (i.e. shoes) were purchased many years ago. If you want to find similar items, you won't have to look far. Many stores are filled with animal print and you'll be able to find what you are looking for in your price range.

1. Earrings

Earrings are the most subtle and convenient way to introduce the animal print trend to your outfits.  You can pick the size of the earrings you are comfortable with and choose a pair that fits within your budget. There are so many different styles of earrings at different price points.

The Martha Jean earrings shown here are a gift from a girlfriend. I love the bit of glitter in these earrings too! There are quite a few stores around Australia that stock Martha Jean earrings. Have a look at their website to find a store near you. They also offer free postage for standard deliveries.

The tortoiseshell style earrings are from Lovisa (the one on top) and Witchery (bottom). These particular earrings aren't available at the moment but they do have some other options for you to choose.

Another great store that you can find similar earrings is Seed.

2. Necklaces

I have only 1 necklace with animal print and I purchased this from Sussan. The good news is that this necklace is still available to purchase (Gold Double Disc Pendant Necklace). Also, check out the other stores mentioned previously under earrings too.

subtle ways to wear animal print
3. Scarf

Scarves are one of my winter wardrobe-essentials. They are also a great accessory in Spring too (find ones that are lightweight for warmer months). Sussan has some new arrivals that I love and French Connection also has a good range at the moment.

There are so many ways you can wear a scarf depending on the length, size and material. I'll leave that for another blog!

subtle ways to wear animal print
4. Bags

Animal print bags are another subtle way to embrace this trend, depending on the size of the bag. A small shoulder bag, a clutch or a wallet-bag like the one shown in this photo are some great ideas for you. An animal print bag with your all-black outfit could be what you need to add a little sparkle to the whole look.

subtle ways to wear animal print
5. Belts

Thick, thin, medium size belts - choose one that you are most comfortable with. Replace the belt of a dress you currently have with an animal print belt. Or wear one with your jeans.

Check out Portmans if you are looking for an animal print belt. They currently have belts in snake print (in grey) and in leopard print (burgundy and tan).

subtle ways to wear animal print
6. Shoes

Last but not least, shoes! Animal print shoes also a great way to add this trend to your wardrobe. This is probably the least subtle item on this list.

Loafers or flats with a little bit of animal print are perfect to wear with your jeans. You can wear sandals with a hint of animal print in summer. Why not add a leopard print heels to your date-night outfit!

Midas, Wittner and Jo Mercer have some great choices. Also, check out Bared - their shoes are ideal if you have 'foot issues'.

Final Advice

The trick to wearing animal print well is to ALWAYS wear only ONE item of this trend in one outfit.

I hope you found 1 or 2 ways to incorporate the animal print trend in a subtle way that is fitting with your style.


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