Personal shopping

Personal Shopping

"...When I tried on the clothes she had selected for me I realized that I have a body shape to be proud of. I ended up buying an entire wardrobe, all of which fitted into my shopping budget..."- Jennifer.

Learn how to highlight your best features and take the stress out of your shopping trips.

Jude can help build a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle and budget. Whether that be for your corporate life or something more casual, Jude will show you how to accentuate all that is great about you.

What is included

  • A fun shopping trip
  • Individualised style consultation where you learn what works for you and what doesn't
  • Your clothes will be pre-selected and put on hold before our shopping trip so we can better utilise the shopping time
  • Price starts from $285 incl GST (for 2 hours)
Wardrobe consultations

Wardrobe Detox

"...It was a liberating push to get rid of the "ok-that-will-do clothing" and focus on what suits my body, personality and colouring - my style, my identity. I've continued to detox my wardrobe and I'm enjoying having less clothes but more options..." - Christina

Book a wardrobe detox and Jude will help make it easy to get ready every morning. It's easy to get lost in the myriad of clothes you've collected over the years and feel like you have nothing to wear.

Jude can help you declutter and bring to life the best of your wardrobe for everyday life.

What is included

  • Wardrobe review and declutter
  • Shopping list with gaps identified in your wardrobe
  • Individualised style consultation where you learn what works for you and what doesn't
  • Preparation and research before our session
  • Price starts from $215 incl GST (1.5 hrs)
wedding styling

Special Event Styling

"...It’s such a great confidence booster because you actually have someone styling you and not just trying to sell you clothes..." - Mandy

Feel confident and look your best for your next big event. It could be for your wedding, special birthday celebration, a long awaited holiday or for the Spring Racing Carnival. Jude would love to introduce you to some of the latest styles within your budget to help you look your best and feel confident in how your look.

Services offered

  • Individualised style consultation
  • Complete outfit recommendations
  • A fun shopping trip
  • Sourcing of the outfit(s)
  • Pre-shopping research and preparation
  • Contact to discuss a personalised package based on your needs
Personal style consultations

Personal Style Consultations

Sit down over a cup of coffee or tea (or a glass of wine if you wish) and chat about your style concerns with Jude. She will show you the options that suit your shape and find solutions to your style dilemmas.

At the end of our chat, you will walk away with the knowledge that will transform your style confidence. You'll have your own Style Passport you can always refer back to when you go shopping on your own.

What is included

  •  1-Hr Personal Style Consultation
  •  All the research done prior to our meeting
  •  Your own Style Passport that is unique to you which details the styles that suit you
  • Price is $150 (incl GST)

Online Shopping Service

How it works

  • As simple as you telling me what you need/want using a questionnaire and I'll send you a video link with some options for you to choose from.
  • You can purchase these products directly from the link so there's no need for you to search the products on the websites.
  • In the video, you'll see me explaining why I chose the items for you and also style tips on how you can wear them.
  • The secret to selecting the online items for you is in the research and work that goes on behind the scenes.  I spend many hours identifying clothes that will suit your shape and budget.
Online shopping service

Who is this service best suited for

  • It is ideal if you want to update your wardrobe in-between shopping trips with me.
  • It is great as an add-on to a Wardrobe Detox to update the gaps found in your wardrobe.
  • This is also great if you have a small shopping budget.

Price starts from $150 (incl GST).

Note: I'll be utilising ShopShare as a platform to provide this service to you. Some of the shopping sites offered through ShopShare are affiliated, which means that I earn a tiny percentage based on the value of your purchases.

Next Steps...

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