Would like to have a collection of beautifully designed and edited branding photos that you actually want to share with the world?
How about a Personalised Style Guide, based on your body shape, to carry with you so you always know how to dress your best beyond your photoshoot?


Friday, 14th October 2022

at GROW Event Space

266 Bay Road, Cheltenham

We only offer 6 spots!

Do you feel your personal brand needs a little reinvigorating?⁠

Do you want to amplify your personal brand and grow your business?

Do you want to gain more style confidence? 

Are you ready to let yourself be seen?

Are you looking for an all-inclusive photoshoot package to save you time?

Styled & Seen is a personal branding photoshoot and a styling event for female business owners. Jude and Mel from Melissa Martin Photography are teaming up to offer this award-winning event once again.

melbourne personal branding photoshoot

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How Styled & Seen Works

Styled & Seen is all about reinvigorating female business owners through their personal brand.

What's your Personal Branding Photoshoot and Styling Package include

Personal Style Consultations and a Strategy Session

  • Outfit consultations with Jude to choose the specific outfits for your photoshoot
  • 1-hour Personal Style Consultation with Jude to help you understand how to dress for your body shape every day.
  • 1-hour Strategy Session with Mel to clarify your personal brand and design photos that will best support your personal brand for growth and visibility.

Melissa Martin photography

45-Minute Photoshoot in a Beautiful Space

  • Both Mel and Jude will be there to gently guide you to capture and showcase your personal brand in a fun, relaxed, and non-awkward way
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • In-Person Connection & Networking on the day with other likeminded women

melbourne headshots, personal branding melbournePersonalised Style Guide and 5 Personal Branding Photos

  • 5 beautifully designed and edited branding photos of your choice (that you actually WANT to share with the world) for your website and socials.
  • A Personalised Style Guide, in the form of a beautifully designed PDF to help guide your future wardrobe purchases and style choices.
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group to help you stay styled and seen
Here’s what our Styled & Seen attendees had to say…

"...Mel gave me the time and the space and helped me explore what it was my personal brand stood for so it wasn't for her just about capturing photos but it was about helping me also explore 'what am I?' or 'who am I as a brand?' what do I stand for...

...it wasn't just working with Jude so that my photos looked greatly represented my brand but the thing I loved about the most is that I can now walk away knowing what my body shape and style is, what works for me, what I should be wearing, what I probably should be avoiding because it's not as flattering. So I got tools to move forward to help me feel comfortable within my body shape..." - Lisa Gadd

Digital Business Sidekick

"Mel & Jude - what a collab! Styled and Seen is such an innovative event that allows you to build your brand and have some fun along the way. Their advice is invaluable and it is so clear they love what they do. This event is a must for business builders." - Codie Reeves from Digital Business Sidekick


"I highly recommend the Styled and Seen event. I've been meaning to get professional photos for a while but haven't had the time. This is a really easy, convenient way to get beautiful photos with everything included. I loved the style [guide], hair and makeup as well as meeting some fantastic businesswomen."

"...The styling was really unique because I didn't just have help styling an outfit for the day but also a board of styles to help me with my wardrobe after the shoot." - Fiona Deniz from Ambarya

Word and Web, Anne Ward

"I just had to share that my post with my new brand photography has now reached over 3K views on LinkedIn…. amazing! Along with lovely comments and people checking me out who have not connected with me for a long, long time.

Now working on a content strategy for my approaching rebrand seems a lot easier and more enjoyable!

Thank you both so much for your professionalism, insight and expertise." - Anne George from Word & Web


Happy Little Social

"Mel and Jude were a dream to work with! I’m so glad I have had this experience I feel it is a real turning point for my business" - Tameka Vandervert from Happy Little Social

Your Investment


(Get access to the early bird offer of $897 by joining the waitlist)
Behind the scenes from our last event...
melbourne personal branding photoshoot


  1. Do I need a Branding Guide for this event? No, you don’t. We will work with whatever stage you’re at in your business journey to help you rediscover your personal style and bring to life your brand with beautifully captured photos!
  2. Can I bring my own props on the day? Absolutely! If you have something meaningful to your business you would like showcased in your photos then you’re more than welcome to bring them along.
  3. How will I receive my Personalised Style Guide? Your Personalised Style Guide will be emailed to you as a beautiful PDF after your 1:1 consult with Jude.
  4. What do I wear on the day?  Jude will provide wardrobe recommendations based on your personal brand, body type, taste and aspirations. We suggest bring these along on the day separately to keep them clean and fresh for your photos. We recommend wearing a button down shirt for your hair and makeup time so you can easily change into your photo clothes and keep your hair and makeup looking great!
  5. Do I need to be fully vaccinated? Yes, for our event to take place it is a government requirement that all attendees be fully vaccinated. Thanks for your understanding.
  6. Who are the Hair and Makeup Artists? To be advised.
  7. Can I get a refund? We do not offer refunds. However, if you’re unable to attend on the day for health reasons we will work with you to organise a new day for your photo session at Mel’s Mount Waverley Studio.
  8. How many images are included? 5 images are included in your ticket price.
  9. Can I choose my own images? Absolutely! On the day Mel will show you exactly what she is capturing on her laptop during your session. You have the option of selecting your favourite 5 images from the gallery on the day or post-event.
  10. Can I buy more images if I like? Of course! They start at $150 each or $495 for 5.
  11. How will I receive my images? They will be sent to you via Dropbox in both high and low resolution format and fully edited and ready to be shared online!
  12. When will I receive my images? Approximately 2 weeks after our event day.
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