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Ekmini, Pharmacy Assistant (February 2020) 

"Over a cup of coffee you were able to advise me on what I should and shouldn’t do. Sounds simple in one sense. However there is so much more to it. You have a way of instilling confidence in ways that not many people can. You know how to tell people about your journey in a relatable way and inspire people to do more and be more. I now have the confidence to wear a much wider range of colours and experiment with styles. Thank you so much for instilling this strength in me. I hope I do you (and myself) proud in the months ahead!"

Anna, Senior Communication Manager (July 2019)

"My Personal Style Consultation with Jude was fantastic! It was so helpful to talk through my style objectives before the session as it meant Jude came prepared with some fantastic ideas on shapes and colours (as well as suggestions on what to avoid!). Her warm approach and guidance based on my price point were really welcome. My takeaway Style Passport has made it so much easier to give my wardrobe a well overdue sort out and simplify my decisions on what to wear and buy. Thanks Jude!" 

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