Winter Outfit Ideas for the Office

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Ladies, we are well into winter now and how are your work winter outfits coming along so far? Are you in need of a style boost? In my last post, I introduced you to my 5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials. In this blog, I want to show you some winter outfit ideas for the office you could adopt.

Like many women I know, do you only wear pants to work in winter? Once upon a time I did that too. But I discovered other options in the last couple of years and I have not looked back. I'm sharing them with you in this blog.

My Secret

Do you want to know my secret to wearing skirts and dresses in winter AND still keep warm at the same time? I wear opaque tights (mostly footless tights) and leggings! I also love my ankle boots too in winter.

MYER and David Jones have a big range of tights choose from at different price levels if you'd like to get some for yourself. If you are after footless tights, David Jones is where I like to go.

I discovered Boody Eco Wear leggings made of bamboo. Not only are their leggings warm and comfortable, but they are also good for the planet too.

Winter Outfit Ideas

Now Let's talk about 4 winter looks for your office.

1, Knit skirts

I was happy to see knit skirts making a comeback this season. However, the choices are limited. But look around at shops and online to find something you like.

I have 1 knit skirt that I've had for a few years and these are 2 different ways I have worn it.

2. Pleated Skirts

A few years ago, I didn’t even want to try on any pleated skirts. These days I’m trying hard not to add anymore to my wardrobe (I have 4 already!).  I don't know why but for some reason all my pleated skirts were purchased in winter (but I do wear these in summer too).

Below are a few looks you could try out for yourself this winter. If your work has a casual dress code (or on casual Fridays), you can wear skirts with jumpers, a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers.

Do some of your summer clothes just sit in your wardrobe until next summer? If your answer is a big YES, I have some ideas to convert them to winter outfits!

You know I love being able to wear my clothes through the different seasons.

3. Midi-skirts you wore in summer

This is where my tights and boots come in handy.

Team up the midi-skirts you wore in summer with some leggings/footless tights, long sleeve tops, blazers and ankle boots and you are ready for winter.

65965188_2228381013926634_3383207981725253632_o (1)
4. Summer dresses

This sleeveless black dress I bought early this year was a great addition to my summer work wardrobe.

In winter I wear it with a longline cardigan,  a tan belt and tan boots. You'll be able to find longline cardigans to suit your budget this winter.

You can also wear your summer dresses with jumpers as well for a more laid back look.


This black and white wrapped style dress is also a summer dress. I have worn it with merino wool top underneath with knee high boots.


I hope you have found these winter outfit ideas for your office helpful. Tell me which one you like the most by leaving a comment below.

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