Welcome to Styling by Lumiere: Where Your Style Adventure Unfolds

At Styling by Lumiere, we go beyond mere clothing, we create stories of confidence, authenticity and tailored sophistication. Founded by Jude Stevens, we’re not just a business providing personal styling services, we are your partners in creating a wardrobe that reflects your individuality.

Why Styling by Lumiere

In a world where clothes speak volumes, count on Jude to be your style guide. Jude specialises in empowering corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to embrace a stylish and authentic look that radiates confidence on every occasion. Your style adventure is personal, and we're here to understand, support, and elevate you every step of the way.

Your Style, Your Brand

Our belief is simple: What you wear is an extension of who you are. This is particularly important for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs, as your style should resonate with your personal brand. Jude's approach is all about discovering your individuality to create a style that feels authentically you and a wardrobe you'll truly love.

Virtual Style Services

Alongside in-person style consultations, we also provide virtual styling services. Whether you're in Melbourne or anywhere else, Jude can be your stylist, adding that personal touch to each and every ensemble.

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Is this you?

     Stuck in a style rut, wearing the same thing repeatedly?

     Feel overwhelmed after hours of shopping but nothing to show for it?

     Juggling hectic schedules with your style pushed to the backburner?

     Unsure about the styles that suit your unique shape?

    Experiencing the "I have nothing to wear" feeling despite a full wardrobe?

How we transform your style journey

     Boost your style confidence

     Help you find a style that is authentic to you

     Save time and money

     Cultivate a wardrobe that you truly love

     Make getting ready in the morning quick, easy and enjoyable

Ready for a wardrobe that speaks your language?