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Effortless Style Solutions with a Wardrobe Revival

Do you feel like you've lost the skills in putting outfits together after being in lockdown?

Do you want to move away from wearing the same thing all the time?

Do you get lost in the myriad of clothes you've collected over the years and feel like you have nothing to wear?

With a Wardrobe Revival, Jude can help you declutter, edit your wardrobe and help you reconnect with your clothes and style.


Make more space - Is your wardrobe cluttered with clothes you hardly wear? Are you hanging on to clothes that may not represent who you are today? Get Jude's guidance on what to keep and what to part from so you can make room for things you love.

Save time - Think about the time you'll be saving when getting ready with a wardrobe filled with clothes you love to wear and outfits that can be coordinated easily.

New outfits - Often, our clients are surprised at how many new outfits Jude can create just by shopping in their existing wardrobe. Jude will show you different style options and outfit combinations that you'll love to wear over and over again.

What is included:

    • Style Questionnaire and a 30-minute initial style consultation: Dive deep into your style challenges, allowing Jude to tailor the experience to your unique needs.
    • Wardrobe review and declutter.
    • Show you new outfit combinations you haven't worn before.
    • Show you the styles that work for your body shape and what don't.
    • A shopping list with gaps identified in your wardrobe and a list of stores where to source them.
    • summary of the key points discussed during the session will be sent to your email.

Investment: $440 for a 2-hour session

Bonus: 2-week style support after the Wardrobe Revival.

Kind Words

...[Jude] was constructive and honest but most of all she made me feel comfortable. Jude used the session to get a feel for me and my style. I had feared that she would try and impose her style on me but that could not be further from the truth Styling by Lumiere is magic... - Jennifer 

...It was really great having an objective eye appraise the contents and to see which items genuinely suited me and which ones I was holding on to out of guilt. Thanks to Jude I wore a jacket today that hadn’t seen the light of day for some time but worn in a new combination that I loved. I learned some new guidelines about what suits me that I can use in the future... - Birgitte

Jude, you are amazing! After a morning with you I feel a million dollars. I've found things in my wardrobe that I would never have thought to put together. - Sarina