Discover the authentic essence of your personal style through our exclusive Style Consultation services at Styling by Lumiere. Jude is committed to assisting you in uncovering and refining your distinctive style identity. Whether you want to revitalise your everyday look or make a bold statement at a special event, our Personal Style Consultation is custom-tailored just for you.

Perfect for women looking to revitalise their style, our VIP Style Consultation, Define My Style, is your go-to partner in reconnecting with your unique style identity and curating a wardrobe that stands the test of time.

Navigate your Style Queries with a Tailored Personal Style Consultation

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If you've ever found yourself navigating the maze of your wardrobe, uncertain about your unique style, unsure where to find budget-friendly clothes, grappling with the best styles for your shape, or puzzled over what to wear for an upcoming event, rest assured, you're not alone. Consider this your heartfelt invitation to reach out to Jude for friendly and expert guidance. She's here to transform those moments of uncertainty into a journey of style discovery, making you feel confident and at ease with every fashion choice.

Jude truly understands the personal connection we share with our clothes. They're a means of expressing our unique selves, and we all aspire to feel confident and good in what we wear.

Step into this wonderful opportunity to explore your wardrobe and style queries on a Zoom session or a friendly face-to-face meeting. With Jude by your side, your style journey is bound to become not only effortless but also genuinely enjoyable.

Investment: Option 1: $149 for a 45-minute Zoom session

 Option 2: $199 or a 1-hour in-person session

Discover Your Style Magic with Our VIP Personal Style Consultation, Define My Style

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Unlock the secret to a wardrobe that speaks volumes about your unique style and personality. Define My Style service is your passport to a wardrobe transformation guided by the expertise of Jude.

Picture this: a personalised Style Guide meticulously crafted just for you, providing the roadmap to confidence and self-expression. In addition to this, Jude will present you with a custom Style Board, igniting excitement every time you approach your wardrobe.

I deal for women seeking a style refresh, the Define My Style service is the ultimate companion in rediscovering your style identity and building a wardrobe that resonates over time.

What's Included

  • Style Questionnaire and a 30-minute Style Strategy Session: Dive deep into your style challenges, allowing Jude to tailor the experience to your unique needs.
  • Personal Style Guide (PDF):
    • Personalised style tips based on your shape.
    • Your style dilemmas addressed.
    • A curated list of fashion brands suiting your style and budget.
  • A personalised Style Board: A visual masterpiece to ignite your enthusiasm for your evolving wardrobe.
  • 1-Hr Style Consultation: Delve into your Personalised Style Guide and Style Board, ensuring you’re equipped to embrace your newfound style with confidence.

Investment: $395

Bonus: 2-week style support after the style consultation.

Ready to redefine your style narrative? Inquire now and step into a world where your wardrobe becomes an expression of your authentic

Kind Words

...It was so helpful to talk through my style objectives before the session as it meant Jude came prepared with some fantastic ideas on shapes and colours (as well as suggestions on what to avoid!)... - Anna

...[Jude has] a way of instilling confidence in ways that not many people can...I now have the confidence to wear a much wider range of colours and experiment with styles.. - Ekmani