We believe the key ingredients for successful corporate events and team-building sessions are the right topic, an engaging speaker, and active audience participation. That's where our passion for personal style and dynamic speaker, Jude, come into play.

In our extensive experience, we've discovered that personal style is a captivating topic that injects fantastic energy into any room. People naturally gravitate towards the prospect of enhancing their style confidence, eager to explore how they can be more stylish while staying true to themselves.

Our styling workshops are not just about fun and engagement; they're a valuable educational experience, leaving your audience with actionable tips on boosting their confidence through personal style.

Here's a glimpse of the exciting topics Jude can passionately speak about at your event:

  1. How to confidently dress for your shape
  2. Crafting a professional and functional work-from-home wardrobe
  3. Building a hybrid work wardrobe without spending a fortune 

Jude's approach is more than just professional – it's friendly and down-to-earth. Her presence creates an atmosphere where attendees feel not only informed but also at ease and comfortable throughout the session.

With over two decades of experience working in corporate settings, Jude has successfully delivered numerous presentations to diverse audiences. Her expertise extends beyond just speaking; it's about creating an interactive experience that resonates.

Connect with Jude on LinkedIn or simply fill out the Contact Form to inquire about having her speak at your event—whether it's virtual or in-person. Let's collaborate to make your next event not just memorable but also engaging, informative, and style-forward.

We look forward to partnering with you to create an event that leaves a lasting impression!

What a wonderful addition to our wellbeing calendar - a corporate styling session. Jude walked us through helpful tips and fashion ideas to help us get the most out of our wardrobe. We had a mix of guys and girls attend and Jude effortlessly moved between men's and women's styling in a thoughtful and engaging way. Everyone really enjoyed it. Highly recommended!

- Tracey, Head of HR