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VIP Style Consultation and Wardrobe Editing Package

Elevate your style with our Revive My Style package, a seamless blend of our Define My Style and Wardrobe Revival services. 

Tailored for women seeking to refresh their style and unlock the untapped potential within their existing wardrobe, the Revive My Style package is the ultimate style revamp.

What's Included

  1. Style Questionnaire and 30-minute Initial Consultation: Dive deep into your wardrobe dilemmas and personal preferences. We want to understand your unique style journey.
  2. Personalised Style Board: Witness your style vision come to life with a personalised Style Board, providing visual clarity and inspiration tailored just for you.
  3. Personalised Style Guide: Your roadmap to a revamped wardrobe. The Style Guide is your go-to manual for confidently curating outfits that work for your shape.
  4. 45-minute Styling Consultation: Walk through your Style Guide and Style Board with our expert stylist, Jude. Receive personalised tips and insights to make your style journey seamless.
  5. 2-Hour Wardrobe Edit (Declutter and Styling): Experience a transformative wardrobe edit session, where clutter becomes clarity, and your wardrobe aligns effortlessly with your newfound style.

Investment: $785 (GST inclusive), saving of $50 if bought separately.

Bonus: 3-week style support post-style consultation.

Ready to revive your style? Book a free 20-min call with Jude and let your style journey unfold with confidence and excitement!