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Enhance Your Wardrobe with a Tailored Personal Shopping Trip

It can be overwhelming to walk into shops, know what clothes will suit you, and coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Jude, your seasoned Melbourne personal shopper, is ready to transform your wardrobe into a perfect reflection of your lifestyle and budget. With her expertise, she not only tailors your wardrobe to suit your needs but also brings an exciting element to the experience. Jude introduces you to new styles and stores you may not have explored before, making this personalised journey one of the most valuable and enriching services she offers.


Saves you time - Think about the hours you spend at shops and come home with not much to show for it. If you are time-poor, outsource your shopping to an expert shopper like Jude.  She'll do all the research required prior to the shopping trip. Jude will also have the clothes pre-selected before she meets you on the shopping day.

Saves you money - Have you bought clothes you fell in love with at the time but still haven't worn? Jude will find the clothes that coordinate well with your wardrobe and that you'll love wearing over and over again. 

You become more style confident - When we wear clothes that reflect who we are and compliment our shape, confidence exudes from us. Jude has seen this in every single client she has worked with. If you are in a style rut or unsure how to dress for your shape, Jude can help you explore new styles in a safe and supportive environment, with no pressure to buy.

With a Personal Shopping Trip, you can have a wardrobe full of clothes you'll feel excited to wear.

What's Included 

    • Style Questionnaire and a 30-minute initial style consultation: Dive deep into your style challenges, allowing Jude to tailor the experience to your unique needs.
    • Jude’s prior researchBenefit from Jude’s preparation to optimise your shopping time and experience.
    • Pre-selected clothes reflecting your personality, lifestyle, shape and budget: Jude does a pre-shop before she meets you to ensure a curated selection awaits your exploration, saving time.
    • Customised style advice: Tailored guidance for styles that flatter your unique shape during your shopping trip.
    • Fun and efficient shopping trip: Yes, Jude will show you how fun shopping can be!

Investment: $440 for a 2-hour session

Bonus: 2-week style support after your shopping trip.

Duo Shopping Adventures

personal shopping trips for 2 group shopping trips

Embark on a fun fashion escapade with your dearest friend, sister, mother, daughter, or partner. Immerse yourself in discovering fresh styles to revitalise your wardrobe.

Our personal shopping trips for two ensure that you and your companion enjoy a personalised and fun-filled adventure together. Picture a day filled with laughter, shared fashion insights, and a renewed sense of style. Everything you love about our one-on-one service is now tailored for pairs, creating a unique and memorable experience for both of you.

From exclusive style consultations to exploring the latest trends, Jude will help you make fashion choices that reflect your personalities and preferences. Your wardrobe update will be a shared journey, creating lasting memories and a stronger style connection.

The investment for this extraordinary two-person shopping excursion starts from just $440 for a delightful 2-hour session.

Elevate your shopping experience and bond with your favourite fashion companion on this exciting style-filled adventure!

Kind Words

...Shopping with [Jude] has saved me time and money. Everything she picks coordinates well and works for my body shape and style. So supportive and encouraging of me stepping outside of my normal wardrobe... - Amy

...Jude was so supportive and helped me find pieces that were suitable and COMFORTABLE for me. It's clear Jude loves what she does and she is SO good at it... - Codie

...I used to dread what I'd wear each day, now I'm walking out the door with confidence. - Sarina