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Elevate your style with personalised and versatile men's styling services by Jude Stevens, your experienced Melbourne-based men's stylist.

Do you feel that your wardrobe isn't aligning with your authentic self, and creating outfits for work and social events is a struggle?

Jude, with her friendly and down-to-earth approach, invites you to discover a style that truly reflects who you are. More than just a stylist, she's your trusted partner in your style journey, offering a perfect blend of expertise and approachability.

Whether you're seeking a complete wardrobe overhaul, a thoughtfully organised selection of stylish additions, or a simple refresh, Jude customises her services to align with your unique needs.

Say goodbye to wardrobe dilemmas. Jude can curate a collection of outfits that reflect who you are, ensuring you step into every occasion with confidence and authenticity.

Take the first step towards a style makeover. Reach out to Jude to explore the possibilities.

Personal Shopping Trips for Men

Men's personal shopper Melbourne

Elevate your everyday wardrobe effortlessly for your hybrid work or for your weekend needs Let Jude be your style curator, guiding you to discover outfits that are not only on-trend but also easy to create.

Embark on a personalised journey with Jude for a seamless shopping experience. Every aspect is thoughtfully considered and meticulously researched to ensure your unique needs and preferences take center stage. Jude is here not just to curate a wardrobe but to understand and embrace your individual style, making the process a collaborative and enjoyable experience. Together, let's bring out the best in your everyday looks, making each outfit a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

What's Included:

  • Style Questionnaire and a 30-minute initial style consultation: Dive deep into your style challenges, allowing Jude to tailor the experience to your unique needs.
  • Jude’s prior research: Benefit from Jude’s preparation to optimise your shopping time and experience.
  • Pre-selected clothes reflecting your personality and lifestyle: Jude does a pre-shop before she meets you to ensure a curated selection awaits your exploration, saving time.
  • Fun and efficient 2-hour shopping trip: Yes, Jude will show you how fun shopping can be!
  • Customised style advice: Tailored guidance to suit your individual needs.

Investment:  $440

Bonus: Enjoy 2-week style support post-trip, ensuring a seamless transition into your refreshed wardrobe.

Connect with Jude for a friendly chat, and let's start the journey toward updating your wardrobe with ease and style.

Wardrobe Revivals for Men

Men's styling Melbourne


Discover the untapped possibilities within your wardrobe with Jude's expertise.

Beyond just putting together outfits, she dives into a comprehensive wardrobe review and declutter, offering you a thoughtful shopping list to effortlessly enhance your collection.


What's Included:

  • Style Questionnaire and a 30-minute initial style consultation: Dive deep into your style challenges, allowing Jude to tailor the experience to your unique needs.
  • Enjoy a thorough 1.5-hour wardrobe review and decluttering session for a refreshed collection.
  • Explore new and exciting outfit combinations, breathing life into your personal style journey.
  • Receive a thoughtfully curated shopping list that pinpoints gaps in your wardrobe.
  • A summary of the key points discussed during the session will be sent to your email.

Investment: $330

Bonus: Enjoy 2-week guidance after your consultation as you embrace your revitalised wardrobe.

Please note that this service is offered on a case-by-case basis, ensuring a customised approach that caters specifically to you.

Schedule a call to kick off the process of effortlessly selecting outfits from your wardrobe for any occasion a breeze.

Personal Style Consultations for Men

Men's styling consultations Melbourne

Navigating your wardrobe can be a bit overwhelming, and it's entirely normal to feel uncertain about where to start.

Whether it's finding a style that resonates with who you are or unsure where to shop for the clothes to complete your wardrobe, Jude is your friendly style companion. Allow her expertise to guide you in creating a look that authentically aligns with every aspect of your life.

Style Consultations are conducted either online or face-to-face.

Investment: This transformative session is priced at $149 (for 45 minutes), including GST.

Contact Jude to explore custom packages tailored precisely to meet your unique needs.

Our Process

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Kind words:

I cannot recommend Jude enough, the whole experience was friendly, educational, productive and even dare I!...If you need some friendly and clear advice on what to wear (and what not to), with everything waiting for you at the store to try on, and no pressure to buy...then you can't go past Jude." - Sunil

"Fantastic service from Jude Stevens gave me some great fresh ideas and a rejuvenated wardrobe to get me through the next 12 months for all my racing days and events". - John

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Hi, I'm Jude, your Melbourne-based Personal Stylist. Ready to elevate your style game and radiate confidence for every occasion? Take the first step by scheduling a Style Call with me. Let's craft a wardrobe that truly reflects your style and authenticity. Book now and let your style journey begin!