Dave Cox from Dave Cox Music (July 2022)

Personal Branding Style Consultation 

"Just a note of thanks and appreciation for your guidance and advice. Very happy and look forward to working through the style board you created..."

Sunil B (April 2018)

Men's stylist Melbourne

(This pic is from May 2022 during Sunil's 3rd Personal Shopping Trip).

Personal Shopping Trip

"Ok, so I was nervous. A 40-something guy being taken shopping by a fashionista - who wouldn't feel a little out of place? I had a 2hr shopping trip planned with Jude, a professional stylist, and a present from my wife (was she telling me something?).

From our first phone chat, I knew Jude would be nice, easy-going and good-humoured. Initially, I provided some sizing info and wardrobe needs, which she used to pre-shop at Chadstone Shopping Centre for me, putting aside things for me to try on. We met on the day and chatted about my wardrobe (think lots of things that are too old, don't go with each other, are ill-fitting, or are from another era!).

Then, we hit the shops! Now, I've shopped before, but never like this.
She had picked out plenty of items for me to try as complete outfits - what a difference that makes! She gave me tips along the way on how to wear items, the styles that suited me, the colour combos - all the things you discuss with your mates down the pub (yeah right!) 2 hours went fast, but I was on a roll. I bought confidence, in the form of clothes with style, comfort, utility and value. I saved hours, even weeks of time I would have spent mindlessly walking around stores and malls in a daze, with not much to show.

The result - lots of new outfits, my wardrobe gaps filled, clothes that fit, suit my style and work with my business and social life.

I cannot recommend Jude enough, the whole experience was friendly, educational, productive and even dare I say...fun! She even helped me carry my shopping!  What I learned will help me identify my needs, mix and match, and shop with purpose.

If you need some friendly and clear advice on what to wear (and what not to), with everything waiting for you at the store to try on, and no pressure to buy...then you can't go past Jude." 


John M (Nov 2018)

Wardrobe Revival & a Personal Shopping Trip

"Fantastic service from Jude Stevens gave me some great fresh ideas and a rejuvenated wardrobe to get me through the next 12 months for all my racing days and events".