Which areas do you service?

We are based in Melbourne and we offer our services to those who live in the surrounding suburbs. If you live outside of Melbourne, contact us to discuss an arrangement.

We also offer virtual styling services. This means we can still assist with your styling needs even if you don't live in Melbourne.

Do you offer virtual styling services?

Yes, we certainly do! We offer the following virtual style services:

Online Shopping Service, Wardrobe DetoxΒ and Personal Style Consultations.

So, if you don't live in Melbourne or unable to meet face to face, we can still assist you with your styling needs.

How much of a shopping budget do I need to have?

We work with what ever the budget our clients advise us.

In the past we have worked with a shopping budgets that are between $500 - $5,000+.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients range from singles, retirees to mums and dads. Jude has worked with people of all ages (25 to 60+), different sizes (8-22) and budgets.

Where do you take your clients shopping?

For personal shopping trips, we take our clients to shopping centers and shopping strips that are convenient for them. Shopping venues depend on the needs of our clients.

Do you receive a commission from clothing stores?

We don't earn any commission from any of the stores that we take you shopping. The good news is that our clients receive discounts from some stores.

There is a small commission that we earn on some of the shopping sites offered through the Online Shopping Service.

What price ranges do you cater for?

We offer several styling services starting from $120 (incl GST) and they are tailored to suit our clients' needs.

Do you still have questions for us?

If we haven't answered all your questions, feel free email us.