Wardrobe consultation, Melbourne personal stylilst
Birgitte, HR Partner (May 2019)

"I loved having Jude help me detox my wardrobe! It was really great having an objective eye appraise the contents and to see which items genuinely suited me and which ones I was holding on to out of guilt. Thanks to Jude. I wore a jacket today that hadn’t seen light of day for some time but worn in a new combination that I loved. I learned some new guidelines about what suits me that I can use in future but when I’m ready to for a few new things I’m going to ask Jude for more help. Looking forward to next time!"

Christina, Change Management Consultant (Jan 2018)

"I love clothes, hair and makeup...but I wasn't comfortable pulling it all together and feeling it reflected "me"! Jude was excellent, offered new insights on what suits me, but also confirmed those nagging doubts about THAT top that really doesn't suit me. It was a liberating push to get rid of the "ok-that-will-do clothing" and focus on what suits my body, personality and colouring - my style, my identity. I've continued to detox my wardrobe and I'm enjoying having less clothes but more options." 

Jennifer, Business Analyst (Nov 2017)

"Jude came around to assess my current wardrobe. She was constructive and honest but most of all she made me feel comfortable. Jude used the session to get a feel for me and my style. I had feared that she would try and impose her style on me but that could not be further from the truth Styling by Lumiere is magic.

Not only did Jude completely solve my long-time wardrobe issues, but she did this so efficiently — in a couple of hours, and so thoughtfully and with such genuine care and attention to my needs and preferences. She is an excellent stylist who always provides a reason as to why she removed something from my wardrobe."


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