Courtney S - Corporate Professional

July 2022

"I loved my personal shopping trip with Jude! She's so good at what she does - introducing me to new brands and finding clothes that suit the smart-casual look that I was hoping to achieve. Jude saved me so much time as she pre-selected items that were waiting for us when we arrived at the stores. I'm looking forward to another shop to refresh my spring/summer wardrobe!"

Nov 2022

"Thank you Jude! I had a lot of fun shopping with you again and can't wait to wear all of my new outfits!"

May 2023

“Another amazing shopping trip, thank you!! I’m looking forward to wearing all of my new clothes and love how much time you saved me by doing all the heavy lifting before I arrived.”

Melissa K (March 2023) - Corporate Professional / Business Owner

"Prior to the shopping trip, I'll admit that I was apprehensive: shopping is one of my least-favourite activities. It ranks around the same as scrubbing mould from around bathroom tiles.
Jude is personable and professional and her process for getting the right look is both efficient and effective. Although I am not sure that she will ever convert me into a shopping fan, she does make sure the job gets done and that I look presentable and feel comfortable. I'll certainly be coming back to get Jude's advice for next season's wardrobe."
Angela S (Feb 2023) - Corporate Professional

For my 40th birthday present, I was wanting a 'personal shopper' as I had discovered more and more that when I went clothes shopping, I would often come back with nothing to show for the hours and hours I would wander around. I really began to dislike clothes shopping and would feel stressed if I had an event coming up that I needed to buy an outfit for.

I followed a couple of stylists on Instagram over a period of time but really felt drawn to Jude not just because of her personal style, but her philosophy and the photos of other clients she had worked with.
My husband contacted Jude to arrange my present and he had a chat with her over the phone about what I was after. He immediately told me that Jude was going to be great to work with as she was warm and genuine.
....I was feeling really excited for the shopping trip and was hoping to walk out with a lot of new clothes that I would really love to wear.
The clothes that Jude picked out were things that I wouldn't have necessarily picked out myself (partly didn't know it suited me, partly didn't think I could pull it off) and I found SO many things that I absolutely loved and was actually excited to have an event to go to so I could wear my new clothes out!
My husband even commented when I got home that he couldn't remember the last time I came home from a clothes shopping trip with a smile on my face.
Now I am armed with my new knowledge for what I should be looking for and I feel confident and positive about clothes shopping again!"
Fiona T (Dec 2022) - Corporate Professional


"Hi Jude, just a quick note to say thank you so much for today, it’s the first time ever that I’ve enjoyed clothes shopping and that’s all because of you! I love my purchases and can’t wait to show them off to the world.”

Lesley & Kevin McF (Nov 2022) - Married for 24 years

"We hadn’t bought many new clothes during the Covid lockdowns and afterwards we cleared our wardrobe of many old, tired and faded items.

We were referred to Jude and asked her for assistance – we desperately needed new and fresh ideas, different styles, someone to drag us out of our comfort zone and to take us into stores that we may have previously walked past. 

Jude did that and more. Our extremely fun and educational three-hour shop soon stretched to four. We got everything we needed and “ticked all the boxes” mentioned above. 

The success was judged by the fact we are now confidently wearing our new things and getting wonderful comments from friends and colleagues. 


We feel good and look good and have totally changed our approach to clothes shopping as a result. On the down side… we spent a bit more than planned, but you can’t take it with you and we don’t regret buying a single item.”

Sophie H (Aug 2022) - Corporate Professional


"Jude is a very friendly, thoughtful, knowledgeable and professional person who completely understood my needs and how to update my style. She put time and effort into the experience beforehand so no shopping time was wasted! I feel so much more confident and look forward to choosing my outfit every day - this is something I have not experienced before and it is all thanks to Jude!"

“…Also, just wanted to let you know 2 women stopped me in the street yesterday and asked me where I shop because I look stunning 😅 I told them all about you!”

Chris K (May 2022) - Corporate Professional


"...I really don't like shopping, especially not clothes shopping as fashion doesn't interest me so it's only tiresome.

Just like I used to do in Stockholm, I finally engaged personal shopper Jude, who is a very passionate stylist. 2.5 hours of her superb help at David Jones fixing my work wardrobe makes me feel so relieved to have sorted this. We also had fun and I’m very happy with the result - thank you so much Jude".

Alex R (Nov 2021) - Entrepreneur


"I wish I could give Jude more than 5 stars! I was so nervous going into my styling session, I'd put on a lot of COVID weight and just didn't feel comfortable anymore. Jude was so supportive and helped me find pieces that were suitable and COMFORTABLE for me. It's clear Jude loves what she does and she is SO good at it. I'm already booking in for my winter styling session next year!"

Sarina L (Nov 2021) - Entrepreneur


"If you want to fall in love with your wardrobe all over again, book in some time with Jude!! She helped me discover a love of shopping I didn't know I had, and all because I now know how to dress for my body shape. She really took the time to listen to exactly what I was looking for and even put together a personalised 'style passport' and 'Pinterest' board after our shopping trip. I used to dread what I'd wear each day, now I'm walking out the door with confidence."


Amy C - Corporate Executive
Feb 2020

"Jude is brilliant!! Shopping with her has saved me time and money. Everything she picks coordinates well and works for my body shape and style. So supportive and encouraging of me stepping outside of my normal wardrobe. Everyone comments when I wear things she has picked. An awesome fun day out." 

Oct 2018

"Firstly, shopping with Jude is so much fun! Jude pre-selects all items for you to try on. I was amazed when we just walked straight into change rooms like a VIP with outfits ready for me to try. It’s just so easy. Clearly the magic of this lies in the time and effort that Jude takes to first understand what your needs and taste are and then preselect these outfits. I found almost of the items she picked for me, were my style and most importantly went well together. A couple of things she chose were not items I would normally have tried but she surprised me and once I put them on, loved them! I am now a denim skirt owner. Who knew?

Thank you Jude. Your efforts have really expanded my wardrobe and I feel like the choices work so well together that I’ll save money by avoiding items that don’t work with the rest of my wardrobe. I could not recommend Jude’s services highly enough!" 

Margaret M (Nov 2019)

"Jude was incredibly helpful, she took away my pain from shopping! I had a thoroughly brilliant afternoon, her fashion choices were not what I would have chosen. I have worn several of the outfits and had heaps of compliments, I would go again in a heartbeat!"  

Dianne W (Oct 2019)

"My shopping excursion with Jude was fantastic! She was able to select items that were perfect for me, yet not in my usual style. This was exactly what I wanted. Jude was very open and friendly, and gently guided me to different outfits which all looked great. I was ready for a revamp of my look and Jude delivered in spades.

Although I haven't had a chance to wear everything yet, (I bought a lot) I have had very positive comments on what I have worn. My husband loves it all also, and was impressed with Jude's ability to provide me with so much variety, and style as well.

It was a very productive day but also a lot of fun. The Wardrobe Detox for me was a fabulous kickstart to the whole project".

Sonia S (Mar 2019)

"Thanks Jude - great selections, suggestions and tips on how to choose and wear items to accommodate my change in body shape. Most importantly compliment my assets and personality. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to wearing my new wardrobe with pride. Would definitely recommend Jude for personal styling and advice." 

Yvette A (Dec 2018)

"I would highly recommend Jude for a shopping/styling session. I had a fantastic afternoon updating my casual wardrobe with Jude, she takes the time to really understand what you are looking for and your style. Having everything pre-selected and waiting for us was great, Jude was great at providing feedback and giving style tips. I ended up with 2 dresses, 3 skirts, pants, a pair of shorts (I really struggle finding shorts but Jude found the perfect pair), 5 tops and 2 pairs of shoes. Exactly what I was after. I would of never achieved this on my own and I now have a casual wardrobe that is stylish and comfortable and so many different options, no more standing in front of the wardrobe wondering what I am going wear now. Thanks Jude, it is definitely the way to shop."

Nirupa K (Nov 2018)

"It truly was an experience shopping with Jude the fashion stylist... She worked very hard to get my sizes and chose different styles to suit my body shape, she asked me what my budget was and I said “single mothers budget”. She came well below my budget. 18 items, some jewellery, 1 pair of shoes and all in 3 hours. I have never had so much fun shopping...Also gave me so many tips on how to dress or shall we say tricks to the trade. She knows where the sales are and real value for money. Thank you Jude, can’t wait for winter and formal dress shopping. I have to say I feel so much more confident and love the compliments from family,  friends and more Importantly from my kids. Thank you Jude."

Naomi M (May 2018)

"Thank you Jude for your patience and your warm guidance today. Your advanced preparation made clothes shopping an efficient process (I didn’t think such a thing existed). I appreciated that you took into consideration my style preferences, whilst encouraging me to try on things I wouldn’t normally gravitate to, with no pressure to buy. You took what is typical for me, a painful and tedious experience with not much to show at the end and turned it into a productive day with me making a number of purchases, including a pair of awesome boots!" 

Jennifer C (Nov 2017)

"I just wanted to write to thank you for the great time and amazing assistance you gave me in putting a wardrobe together. I am a terrible shopper, I don’t even enjoy trying things on, I want clothes to find me, not the other way round. The day I spent with Jude was a real eye-opener.

When I tried on the clothes she had selected for me I realised that I have a body shape to be proud of. I ended up buying an entire wardrobe, all of which fitted into my shopping budget (including a skirt, which I never would have worn before) and I felt so confident about my new look! It was the best feeling!

She also taught me how to accessorize and which colours and clothes suit me and my complexion. All the folk I work with, and my family, have been complimenting me on what I have been wearing ever since I bought the clothes." 

Mandy N (Nov 2017)

"I had a fantastic day shopping with Jude. She listens to what you like and what you think suits you best, but she also has a lovely way of taking you outside your normal wardrobe style and trying on something new. And guess what, 99% of the time it works. It’s such a great confidence booster because you actually have someone styling you and not just trying to sell you clothes. Totally recommend Jude to style you too!"