Rachael T (Oct 2022)

Define My Style

Style consultations Melbourne"I found Jude after some frantic searching online. I'd just had a bad experience with another stylist and I was feeling very vulnerable and ready to give up on the whole style thing.

Jude answered all of my questions and offered me a safe, non-judgmental and down-to-earth experience. I booked a "define my style" session with her and was blown away by the simple and easy steps I could start taking to be dressing for my body.

What I especially loved is that Jude had an expansive view of fashion. Just because something didn't have a certain neckline or body fit, didn't mean I couldn't/shouldn't wear it. All along she emphasised the importance of feeling good in clothes. And that's probably what I loved the most. I'd highly recommend Jude 🙂"

Dave Cox from Dave Cox Music (July 2022)

Personal Branding Style Consultation 

"Just a note of thanks and appreciation for your guidance and advice. Very happy and look forward to working through the style board you created..."

Mari R (April 2021)

Define My Style

"It’s very rare that someone is able to change your life in just one hour, but Jude from Styling by Lumiere did just that.
My closet has unfortunately been hoarding jeans from my single uni days to an endless supply of maxi dresses that I’ve brought over the years. Jude gave me tips and strategies to incorporate what I’ve already got to suit my body style. Simple tips like “dangly earrings over round ones suit your face more” and showing me where exactly I should place a belt for my body shape.
Jude knows her fashion well and sent me styled videos with links on where to purchase items (on sale too!) that I could view in my own time (at 10pm, after my 3 little kids are in bed!). She made online shopping so enjoyable and this was honestly a life changing experience as her tips come to mind every time I walk into a change room.
From rotating the same couple of outfits daily to fill the week, I’ve started really enjoying getting ready and styling my outfit. The finishing touches of accessorising with her knowledge of jewellery, shoes and belts has really made me feel younger and better.
I highly recommend personal styling as a necessity once in every woman or man's life, just to make you feel more comfortable and confident being you!"

Ekmini R (February 2020) 

Define My Style

"Over a cup of coffee you were able to advise me on what I should and shouldn’t do. Sounds simple in one sense. However there is so much more to it. You have a way of instilling confidence in ways that not many people can. You know how to tell people about your journey in a relatable way and inspire people to do more and be more. I now have the confidence to wear a much wider range of colours and experiment with styles. Thank you so much for instilling this strength in me. I hope I do you (and myself) proud in the months ahead!"

Anna B (July 2019)

Define My Style

"My Personal Style Consultation with Jude was fantastic! It was so helpful to talk through my style objectives before the session as it meant Jude came prepared with some fantastic ideas on shapes and colours (as well as suggestions on what to avoid!). Her warm approach and guidance based on my price point were really welcome. My takeaway Style Passport [now called Personalised Style Guide] has made it so much easier to give my wardrobe a well overdue sort out and simplify my decisions on what to wear and buy. Thanks Jude!"