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Beyond Resolutions: A Style Manifesto for a Confident New You!

new year goals, style goals,

Embrace the New Year with a Fresh Style Perspective! As we step into the new year, many of us are getting into goal-setting mode, jotting down aspirations that guide us toward the life we envision. Have you ever thought about adding a style goal to the mix? This year, let’s embark on a path toward …

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Dazzle in December: Elevate Your Christmas Party Look with These 6 Style Tips

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Step into December’s dazzling event season! The festivities are in full swing, from work Christmas parties to end-of-year catch-ups. Yet, the quest for the perfect outfit – one that strikes the right balance between appropriateness, comfort, and style – can be a stress-inducing challenge. Fear not! As your dedicated style confidante, I’m here to transform …

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Five Areas of Your Wardrobe You Need to Declutter

Wardrobe decluttering tips

Is your wardrobe filled with clothes you hardly wear and taking up unnecessary space? Sometimes, we can neglect some areas of our wardrobe and end up with a collection of clothes we hardly wear but take up valuable real estate in our wardrobe. Follow these wardrobe decluttering tips to help you review 5 areas of …

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How to Choose a Trench Coat You’ll Love to Wear


Trench Coat Buying Tips Trench coats have been one of the trending fashion pieces in recent years. It’s a great trans-seasonal piece in your spring and autumn wardrobe. The best thing about trench coats is that they don’t go out of fashion! Here are a few trench coat buying tips when you go shopping for …

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Seven Autumn Wardrobe Must-haves

Autumn fashion tips

Transeasonal dressing can be tricky sometimes because the weather is unpredictable from one day to the next in Autumn. Here are Jude’s 7 wardrobe essentials to get through the unusual weather we are experiencing as we approach the winter months.  Long sleeve dresses and tops (either at full length or 3/4 length) Some lightweight jumpers …