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Five Areas of Your Wardrobe You Need to Declutter
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Five Areas of Your Wardrobe You Need to Declutter

Wardrobe decluttering tips

Is your wardrobe filled with clothes you hardly wear and taking up unnecessary space? Sometimes, we can neglect some areas of our wardrobe and end up with a collection of clothes we hardly wear but take up valuable real estate in our wardrobe.

Follow these wardrobe decluttering tips to help you review 5 areas of your wardrobe that you may have neglected for a while.

1. Activewear

Do you have leggings, tops and sports bras that don’t breathe well and every time you wear them, you want to rip them off as soon as you start sweating?Well, this is your reminder to be free of them.

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2. Loungewear

It’s easy not to pay much attention to what we wear at home. We could think, “We are at home, not in public, no one will see us, so who cares what we wear?”What if we wear something that makes us look good and, in turn, feel good? It doesn’t matter if no one will see us. It matters how we see ourselves.So, on that note, this is your permission to free yourself of clothes you wear at home that make you feel unattractive, dawdy or frumpy.

Wardrobe Decluttering tips

3. Jeans

How many do you have in your wardrobe? How many of them do you actually wear?Until recently, I was guilty of accumulating several that I hadn’t worn in a long time because:1) they didn’t fit me anymore2) they didn’t suit my body shape3) I didn’t like them anymoreDo you have jeans that fall into these categories?

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4. Basic t-shirts

Basic t-shirts not only give you endless outfit options, but they also provide layering options (under a blazer, jacket or shirt).

As a result, basic tees can get more wear than some of the other pieces in our wardrobe. So it’s essential to invest in good quality tees that do not lose shape or colour too quickly with all the washing cycles they go through.

Choosing a t-shirt style that works for your shape is also good. If you are top-heavy, v-neck or scoop-neck styles suit you best. A sleeve length that doesn't finish at the bust also works well.

Take stock of your basic tees and decide whether to replace them.

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5. Event wear

With warmer weather comes all the social events!

Lunches, brunches, dinners, cocktail events, Spring Carnival, BBQs, work functions, client functions, weddings and Christmas functions are some events most of us will attend over the next few months.Your final wardrobe decluttering challenge is to review your event wear.Think about1. The fit. Is it too loose? Too tight? Suit your shape?2. Fabric - suitability for hot weather; and3. Everything else you’d wear with it, i.e. shoes, bag and jewellery.Make a list of wardrobe gaps as you audit your wardrobe and store it on your phone. That way, you’ll only add what you need to your wardrobe.

Here are a few outfit and style inspirations from my clients and me.

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