Transeasonal Dressing in Spring

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Only a few weeks left until spring season is over but don't let that fool you. Winter is still hanging around (especially in Melbourne) and we seem to get to experience a glimpse of spring/summer here and there. One day it is 24 degrees, and the next day it is 15 degrees, raining and maybe even a chance of hail. So planning your outfits can be all too hard sometimes. But wait, help is here. Read the tips below on transeasonal dressing to help you manage the in-between seasons.

♦ Long sleeve dresses and tops are my go-to these days.

♦ Don't pack away your winter coats yet.

♦ Same goes for your ankle boots too.

♦ Add some colourful accessories to all your dark wintry outfits. Colourful scarves, jewellery, shoes and bags are some of the ways you can add a pop of colour to outfits.

♦ Wear your jumper over your spring/summer dress for extra warmth. You can always take it off when it gets warmer during the day.

♦ For a smart look, blazers are great for those days when you still need an extra layer but don't need a heavy winter coat. Denim jackets and cardigans are great for a more casual look.

♦ Make mid-length dresses and skirts your best friends.

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