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5 Essentials for your Winter Wardrobe
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5 Essentials for your Winter Wardrobe

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There are two types of people in the world - those who love winter and those who don't. I fall into the second category. So I have to find a way to get through the colder months in Melbourne. One is to make sure that I'm warm. So here are my 5 winter wardrobe essentials to keep you warm and cosy.

1. Thermals/layering pieces

If you are like me and you feel the cold through to your bones, you need to invest in warm pieces to wear under your clothes.

One of my favourites is UNIQLO's HEATTECH range. They claim to have three levels of warmth' and they have a great range. They have a great range for women and men.

Comfy leggings are a great alternative to tights in winter to wear with your dresses and skirts to keep you warm. I love Boody's organic bamboo leggings. They are so much more comfortable around your waist that some of the tights that are available in the market.

2. Knits

The thought of knits makes me feel cosy already. Find winter knits to suit your budget. Not all knits are made equal. If you find knits that are made of natural fibres like cotton, wool etc that fit your budget, don’t hesitate, just buy them. I find these last longer and wash well too (you do need to hand wash them or use the wool/hand wash cycle in your washing machine).

For ladies, remember to find the styles that best suit your shape. V-neck and scoop neck jumpers are great for big busted ladies (and I would stay away from turtlenecks). If you carry weight around the tummy area, opt for finer knits instead of bulky knits (e.g cable knits).

If you like to add colour to your winter wardrobe, knits are a great option.

3. Winter coats

Some days in winter I feel like I need to wear 2 coats to keep me warm, especially on those windy days. Buy the best coat you can afford. My favourite time to buy winter coats is when stores have mid-season sales. End of season sales is also a great time to get your hands on a good quality coat to put away for next winter.

4. Good quality shoes 

A pair of ankle boots that can be worn with your jeans and work pants/skirts are a must for winter! Boots, like all shoes, must be rested between wears to get the longest wear. Invest in a pair of black and brown/tan/nude so that you can mix and match your outfits.

Right now, loafers are very popular! Get yourself some stylish loafers this winter. Check out my selection of loafers here.

5. Scarves

Scarves are a great way to add a little colour to your winter outfits if you tend to wear darker colours in winter.

Hope these wardrobe essentials will keep you warm this winter. If you'd like some winter office outfit ideas, ready read our blog Winter Outfit Ideas for the Office.